Sandys Secondary Middle School Band


Practice Tools

Instrument Basics

  • Instrument Assembly
  • Key/Fingering/Slide Charts
  • Instrument Care & Maintenance
  • Help Videos

flute, clarinet, saxophone
trumpet, French horn, trombone,
euphonium, tuba

Music Theory
This is a great sight to practice your music theory. You will be assigned homework from this site.
You can also practice your note name identification under the exercise tab of the website.
Rhythm Trainer
This is a fun site to test your rhythmic understanding. You can choose your level of difficulty.
Music Tech Teacher
This site has TONS of fun games and quizzes that you can play. Click the game or quiz that you know you need work on in your musical growth.

Online Tuner – Wind Instruments
Here is a great online tuner to make sure you are playing in tune when you practice.

Online Tuner – Guitar
Online Metronome
Use this great online metronome to make sure you are playing with a steady beat when you practice.

Blank Manuscript Paper
Customize this staff paper for your use and then print it to start writing out your own music.

Note Flight
Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser. Write music on your computer, tablet or smartphone and even share it with others. Sign up for a free account!


Dr. Glenn Bascome’s Retirement Celebration

Location – Fairmont Southampton Princess

Date: Sunday 15 June 2014

Time – 1830hrs  / 6:30pm

Dress – Winter School Uniform

Band and Music listed below

Advanced Band
Blind, Kiona
Hill-Edwards, Destini
Thomas, Desiree
Burgess, Nyanjè
Fox, Shaqcoy
Goncalves, Andreia
Ming, Saige
Harvey, Kaila
Simons, Sediq
Crofton, Trezeke
Edwards, Robert
Fishington, Taye
Talbot, Jesaiah
Besalo, Jhon
Marsh, Camryn
Rogers, Shane
Simons, Jonathan
Wainwright-Basden, Sekai

Music List

African Folk Trilogy & AFT2



Total Praise

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Tradition of Excellence Quiz 5 Int/Beg


Johann Schop (1590-1667 German composer) was a virtuoso violinist but also played cornet and trombone.

George Frederic Handel (1685-1759 English Composer) Though considered an English composer, Handel was born in Germany.

Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880 French Composer) In addition to composing, Jacques Offenbach was a fine cellist.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750 German Composer) Bach’s Death marks the end of the Baroque Period.

Terms & Symbols









Theory & Composition

Scale  Orchestration


Key Signature


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Quiz 3 & 4 (M1/M2)

Quiz 3


Anne McGinty (b. 1945) is one of the most prolific female composers of band music and has over 225 pieces published for band, orchestra, and flute. American Composer

Theory & Composition

Improvisation – spontaneous composition of music through playing or singing

Spirituals are religious folk songs created in the 18th and 19th centuries

Terms & Symbols

Accidental – symbol that alters the pitch of a note until the end of the measure
Flat – lowers the pitch of a note one half step
interval – distance between two pitches
half step – smallest interval used in Western music; on a piano keyboard, it is the distance from one key to the very next key – white or black
natural – cancels a flat or sharp
pick-up or anacrusis – music that comes before the first full measure; rhythmic value of the pick-up is sometimes removed from the last measure
theme and variation – type of composition that begins with a main melody (theme) and continues with different versions (variations) of the main melody
dynamics – softness or loudness of a piece of music
piano – soft
forte – loud

Quiz 4


Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) first studied to be a lawyer but eventually became a full-time composer thanks to the support of a wealthy patron Russian Composer

Terms & Symbols

tempo – speed of piece of music
Andante – walking tempo, slower than Moderato
Allegro – fast tempo
Moderato – medium tempo
mezzo piano – medium soft
accent – emphasize the note
mezzo forte – medium loud
tonic – first note of a scale, chord built on first of a scale, also referred to as the I chord
subdominant – fourth note of a scale, chord built on the fourth note of the scale, also referred as the IV chord
dominant – fifth note of a scale, chord built on the fifth note of the scale, also referred as the V chord
long rest or multiple-measure rest – rest for the number of measures indicated

Theory & Composition

chord – two or more notes sounded at the same time
closing – last measures of a composition, often containing music added to give a feeling of finality

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Onyx Brass Workshop

Onyx Brass was very impressed with the students’ performance. It was great to see our students interacting with students from Warwick Academy.  Highlights from the Workshop and Bermuda Festival Onyx Brass.

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Passoffs Q3/Q4

Good Day Parents/Guardians,

We are well into Quarter 3 and students have received their Passoffs for both Q3/Q4.
Descriptions of each Passoff and the objectives are located on PowerSchool.


Our band program for the 2014/2015 school year will begin to use SmartMusic to help students practice and learn their instrument and band music.

SmartMusic is a computer assisted music practice program that allows students to watch their music on a computer screen, play into a microphone and upon completion, determine how successfully they played the music.

SmartMusic motivates and engages students, builds student confidence, and enriches the student’s total music experience. Students that use SmartMusic comment on how their at home practicing is more focused, productive and fun! Students enjoy SmartMusic and parents can be encouraged in the knowledge that their student is learning while having fun.

Features and Benefits

SmartMusic may be used at school and at home to complete assignments in place of “practice records.”

BUY/ORDER SmartMusic

What is needed to use SmartMusic?

  • The program works on your PC or MAC and requires an internet connection. (iPad version is available as well)
  • System requirements and support are available on:

What does SmartMusic cost?

  • You can purchase a full-year subscription from SmartMusic for $40 per calendar year.
  • Microphones cost $19.95 for Windows PC and $29.95 for MAC. Microphones are required for assignments, tuning, recordings, and assessments.
  • Order online at

How do I get started?

  • It is easy to purchase and activate your subscription. While you must be online to activate, receive, or submit assignments and to download music, no web browser is required, and you can practice off-line at any time.
  • If you run into any questions, SmartMusic Tech Support is FREE!
  1. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions to BUY/ORDER SmartMusic, a microphone, and a free installation disc you will receive by mail OR you may also choose the option of downloading the program immediately.
  2. When you receive the program disc or completed download, INSTALL SmartMusic and LAUNCH program.
  3. You will be prompted to ACTIVATE your subscription using the e-mail address and password that you entered while order.
  4. Enroll: from the home screen click on ENROLL and follow the form to register for your students’ band class.

If I have more than one music student at home, do I have to purchase more subscriptions? NO!

  • After purchasing a subscription, you activate that subscription on a single computer.
  • Additional subscriptions would be necessary only if your family would like to practice on more than one computer at home.

We are confident that both you and your child will quickly appreciate how SmartMusic transforms practicing, motivates students, and helps prepare them for great performances!


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